Baby Bird Brief

Lynn and I dropped off some things today at MK’s place. On the way home we checked on the Lake Cherokee and Lake Davis swans and then went by Winter Park to see how the Ospreys are doing.

Lake Cherokee Mute Swan and cygnetsLake Cherokee Mute Swan and cygnets

The swans at Lake Cherokee seem to be fine. But last time I counted 6 cygnets and today I only saw 5. I hope one was hidden in the grass or behind the tree on the right.

Lake Davis Mute Swan and CygnetsLake Davis Mute Swan and Cygnets

The Lake Davis swans seem fine too and I counted 5 cygnets there, same as our last visit. If you’d like to see a few more photos of these birds, one of my Flickr friends (Kathy B.) posted a few in her Flickr photo stream.

We only saw one very small chick in the Winter Park Osprey nest two weeks ago. It turns out it was the only one poking its head up at the time – there were two more hidden in the nest. This visit we saw all three and they’re much larger already. All the hungry babies were loudly begging for food and Momma was busy feeding them pieces of very fresh fish.

Lunch timeMomma Osprey feeding her three chicks

As we were getting ready to leave, Lynn asked if I’d made a video. And of course I hadn’t remembered to, so I went back and recorded a little bit. Thanks Lynn! The chicks in this remind me of mini dinosaurs.


Mary D. posted a comment on the last Osprey post. She saw a worker up there and hoped he was placing a wildlife camera. I looked and couldn’t see any sign of one.

You can read other blog posts about Lake Cherokee and Lake Davis at this link: And here are some more about Ospreys and Winter Park:

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe out there in pandemic land. Take care of each other and if you can, make some photos!

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4 thoughts on “Baby Bird Brief

  1. Thank you the “babies” update, Ed!
    The cygnets look quite healthy. Hopefully #6 will show up on your next visit.

    I’m with you about the prehistoric look of osprey chicks. Straight out of “Jurassic Park”!

    All is well here. Local parks opening, I suspect state parks will next week.

    1. You’re welcome, Wally.

      I’m afraid the cygnet news isn’t great. As of a couple of days ago there were four babies left in that lake. One of the neighbors has seen owls, hawks, eagles and otters there. That’s a lot to watch out for!

      We’re still doing well here too. Looks like the Florida lockdown rules will change next week. I may consider a short nature excursion!


  2. Ed, thanks for the info on the Swans. We have been over to Lake Davis every morning this week. So far there are three cygnets on each lake. They are really starting to grow now.


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