Winter Park Osprey Nest

Lynn and I had to mail a package yesterday and stopped by this nest box near the Winter Park Post Office to check on the Osprey family.

Urban Osprey NestUrban Osprey Nest

They look like they’re doing fine.  Click on this photo to see it larger on Flickr and you can spot one chick’s head just in front of Mom.

This was a good social distancing spot – no one else was there.  We might try to check on it again when the chicks get a little bigger.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves, your friends, and your families.  And if you can,  make some photos!

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6 thoughts on “Winter Park Osprey Nest

  1. Thanks so much for the update..This is a great nest..I always look forward to seeing if they return each year..

  2. I saw a worker up at the nest last week and was hoping he was possibly putting a wildlife camera in it but I don’t see anything online. I love seeing these osprey families every year. Last year was first year I started taking pics from the garage roof across the street. Hope to see more of your pics as they are MUCH better than mine.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I can’t find anything about a webcam near the ospreys either. I hope the worker wasn’t up there because of a problem with the nest or birds.

      I need to visit my daughter again in the next few days. I’ll try to stop by there and check on things.

      Thanks for the heads up and thanks for your very kind words!


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