Policies / Disclosures

This page explains my policies and disclosures for the blog (the fine print).  If you have comments or questions, please let me know.

Copyright:  Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog is ©2007 – 2017, Ed Rosack. All rights reserved.


  • The opinions, beliefs, findings, or experience on this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise.
  • I don’t claim that my experiences represent what you will encounter, only that they are what I experienced – your mileage may vary.
  • You assume all liability for your use of the information on this site.


  • This is a non-commercial, non-profit, personal blog.
  • Other than an occasional sale of one of my photographs, I don’t accept  compensation of any kind for my work on this blog.
  • I don’t advertise or accept advertising.  If you see advertising in association with this blog, it was placed without my permission.
  • Any costs associated with the products, places, and services that I mention or review on this blog have been paid for by me at my own expense and none have ever been  provided for review by anyone else.
  • I don’t identify myself before I review a product, place, or service – reviews are anonymous.

Comments:  All comments must be relevant, family friendly, and polite.  If (in my sole judgement) they’re inappropriate, I will block and / or delete them.

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