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  1. Hello Ed –
    I can’t recall how I ended up finding the stunning photo of a green heron titled Reddish and Reflection. I hope you have time to get back in touch with me because the photograph is stunning; yet there are strange artifacts in the image that is otherwise perfect. I don’t understand why I’m seeing these? Two-thirds down on the birds right wing are feathers separated and floating in the air weirdly, and about two feet from the birds right wing is a faint image of the branch it’s perched on. Thank you for any reply, and again, the photo is sweet!

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your question. The simple answer is that I was careless.

      That image is actually 5 frames that I stitched together manually into a large panorama. I was hand holding my camera so there’s a little bit of perspective mismatch between the frames. When I loaded them into layers in Photoshop and aligned and masked them, I didn’t notice the errors you pointed out. So I was a bit sloppy capturing the images in the field, sloppy again with my post processing, and finally sloppy in that I didn’t review the result well enough before I posted it.

      Sorry about that! But it’s a good reminder that I need to be more careful! I’ve gone back and fixed the issues. I appreciate you pointing them out.


      1. Ed –
        I’m quite happy with your reply. Your answer helps me to better understand the complexities within photoshop. I’m glad to have been of some assistance.
        – Matthew

  2. hi Ed,

    Thanks for the photos and blog. As a long time central Florida resident and amateur photographer I enjoy them greatly, and they serve as a good reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us here in central FL.

    Preparing for my next trip to the MI Nat. Wildlife Refuge, I see that the hours are 8 am – 4 pm (and closed during launches as a reminder for anyone reading and considering a visit).

    I like to visit the area around the refuge closer to sunrise and/or sunset sometimes. Can you provide, or perhaps point us to where we can find, recommendations for other good (and ideally fairly readily accessible) bird and other wildlife photo op locations near the refuge which are accessible outside of the hours for the refuge itself? Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Gregg.

      I think you looked at the hours for the Visitor Center. The refuge hours are: “Refuge roads, trails and boat ramps are open from sunrise to sunset daily”:

      I’ve never had a problem before sunrise except for Black Point, where the gate doesn’t normally open before sunrise.

      I’d suggest you go through my MINWR folder on Flickr: If you see any spots that appeal to you, click on the photo and for most it will show you the location. You could also see the time it was taken in the exif data.

      Other places I like to go to if I get there early: Gator Creek Road: and some others around Titusville:

      Hope this helps. Let me know how your trip goes!


      1. Thanks for the clarification about the hours (that makes more sense) and the suggestions.

        I’m sure the visit will be great. I’m visiting with family today (and somewhat mid-aft), so I’m not sure how much photo time I’ll get this time, but plan to visit again next week and should have more photo opportunities then as well.

        Thanks, and best regards,

  3. Ed would you be interested to do a presentation to our Photography Club in the Villages

    1. Hi Mike. You can see it from the top level of the parking garage at 329 N Park Ave Winter Park, FL.


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