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I’ve been thinking about this blog and what it should be like going forward. I haven’t reached any conclusions about revising the purpose or content, but I am going to revise the schedule.

What's around the bend?What’s around the bend?

Over 15+ years, I’ve written 758 posts: an average of over fifty a year. In recent years, I’ve been publishing every Sunday and I’m finding that pace harder to sustain. Coming up with something worthwhile each week is a challenge, especially since I’ve been photographing less than I used to. I guess I’m suffering a bit from writer’s / photographer’s block.

So I’m going to shift to an irregular schedule and publish when inspired. Instead of searching for something every week that I hope will interest all of you and me too, I’m going to update the blog when I have something to share. My goal will be once per month, but I’m not going to force it.

I’m very grateful for all of you that subscribe and for everyone’s visits, views, comments, and likes – thanks! Remember to stay positive, be kind, take care of yourselves and each other. And if / when you can, make some photos!

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14 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I don’t know how you’ve been able to maintain the pace at nearly a blog per week for all this time! So I think it is certainly time to take the pace down a bit. Heck, sometimes I’m lucky to crank out 6 blogs n a year!

  2. Ed, I’ve only been reading your blog a short time since discovering you online, but I have enjoyed your images and comments. I can easily understand your getting writers/photography block. Your plan sounds good … just worry about simplifying your life so that you can have enjoyment with your great photography skills without the pressure of pleasing others. Enjoy your life to the fullest! Thank you for your past articles. Be safe and stay healthy.

  3. I am like Jeff, Blogging when the spirit leads is really rewarding.
    You might consider making a book out of the many blogs you have created. I did using a company named Blog2print. I love my book and I have a copy for my ancestors to enjoy. It makes a fun tabletop book as well.
    You have helped so many Florida photographers with your blog and excellent information. I thank you and will continue to watch for your blogs.

    1. I appreciate your long time readership and many comments Dorothy! I looked at Blog2print once before, but it’s been a long time. I’m going to take another look – sounds like a great idea.

  4. I have tried two times to post a comment.
    Love your post! Look forward to your blog when the spirit is willing. You have helped a lot of photographers! Thank you!
    You might consider making a book out of your post. I did and love my book. It will be nice for the grandchildren one day. I used a company called Blog2print. Your blogs are worth saving!

    1. I’m not sure why you had trouble posting comments Dorothy.I haven’t changed any settings lately and there’s nothing in the spam folder or logs.

      I’m glad you got through!

  5. Ed, just keep shooting until the end…I have very much looked forward to and enjoyed Sunday mornings just to get a little bit of inspiration. It will be missed!

  6. Only recently, I learned that “blog” is an abbreviation for “web log”. When researching how to go about creating a blog, the advice at that time was to make an entry daily, as it was supposed to be an “internet diary”.

    Daily. I am somewhat jealous of those who manage such a feat.

    My blog has pretty much been a reflection of how we live. Fairly unstructured and definitely with no set schedule.

    Your efforts to share, educate, inform and dazzle continue to make your “internet diary” a place I shall visit as long as it exists. The frequency of posting is not important. Your content is.

    Enjoy each day, Ed! We’ll be here whenever you are ready to share.

    1. Thanks so much for your very kind comment Wally.

      I’ve been treating my blog as a diary of my photo life. But I try to filter it based on what I want to remember and what I think might be interesting to others. At this point, the “interesting to others” part is getting harder and my activity is less frequent too, so that’s why I posted what I did.

      I always find your blog to be interesting and it serves as a good reminder to me that I should get out more often!


  7. I think you’ve got the right idea! Blogging should be fun and photos are what inspire us. When we have something we want to share, it’s easy to put together a post, otherwise it’s just a chore. I really enjoy seeing your fantastic photography so I’ll visit when I see a new post come up! Thanks for sharing. Diane

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