Lake Cherokee and Lake Davis Swans

When we posted about the Lake Davis ducks a couple of weeks ago, I got a question in the comments about the swan on Lake Cherokee.

Lake Cherokee CobLake Cherokee Cob

lbphoto23 had only seen one swan there and asked if we’d seen two.  I answered at the time that “Yes, there are two on Lake Cherokee. If you don’t see them together, you can usually spot the second one somewhere on a different area of the lake.”

Well it turns out that there are actually eight swans on Lake Cherokee!  MK spotted her new neighbors this week paddling around with mom and dad.

Lake Cherokee Mute Swan Family, ©2020, MK Rosack

Lynn and I had to drop some things off for MK, so I brought my camera and made some photos as we drove around both lakes on the way home.  The Lake Davis Swan family is also doing well – there are ‘seven swans a swimming’ there.

Lake Davis Mute Swan FamilyLake Davis Mute Swan Family

I’m happy that both families are starting out so well.  Last year, the Lake Cherokee family ended up losing all of their cygnets one by one.  Hopefully this year they’ll do much better.

Lake Cherokee Mute Swan FamilyLake Cherokee Mute Swan Family

MK has notice quite a few people swan watching.  If you do go see them, make sure you don’t get too close – give them some space!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  We’re doing OK here and socially isolating as much as possible.  I hope all of you are staying safe too – take care of yourselves, your friends, and your families.  And if you can,  make some photos!

©2020, Ed Rosack and MK Rosack. All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “Lake Cherokee and Lake Davis Swans

  1. Well, Ed, it’s like this. We’ve been too busy, lately! Lots of family stuff going on has interrupted our birding, photographing and blog-enjoying.

    Enough with the excuses.

    Just reviewed your blog entries from the past few weeks and, naturally, thoroughly enjoyed Florida seen through your lens. Swans, ducks, cypress, moss. Thank you so much for sharing it all!

    Your description of the Lake Cherokee swans losing cygnets “one by one” last year sure sounds like a predator (cat, coyote, ‘gator). Hopefully, this year will be a successful one!

    All is good here and we hope you and your family continue to be safe and well!

    1. Hey Wally,

      Keeping busy is a probably a good thing – lots of folks are getting cabin fever!

      Thanks for your kind comments. We’re not sure what got the cygnets last year. We didn’t actually witness any of the trouble, we just counted fewer and fewer over time.

      You stay safe too and I’ll look forward to your next blog post.


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