Monochromatic HDR Photography

I recently purchased and read Monochromatic HDR Photography by Harold Davis. I’ve been following him for a long time and admire his photographic expertise and creativity. It’s a real treat to read this book and follow along as he makes some absolutely lovely B&W images. He covers info that will help beginners as well as experienced photographers and it’s not just post-processing technique. He also talks about the reasons behind choices and creative aspects.

An HDR photo and some tips

Here’s another photo from our trip last week to the Circle B Bar Reserve: Sunrise marsh: Early morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve near Lakeland, Florida The dynamic range of the light in a scene like this is extreme – a perfect opportunity to try your hand at High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  I … Continue reading An HDR photo and some tips

Two Image Pano / HDR / Focus Stacking

…this “Two Image Pano / HDR / Focus Stacking” technique can be useful and it has several advantages over the standard approaches …

It’s simpler than conventional techniques, and yields very good results. You can hand hold in many cases, especially if you use an image stabilized camera or lens. It uses the camera’s auto exposure effectively to expose correctly for the different areas of the image. You can post process with just Photoshop – other software isn’t required. It greatly increases the dynamic range of the final image without requiring HDR processing or software. Depth of field can be increased over a single photo approach or the conventional pano / HDR approach. It also substantially increases vertical field of view.

Photoshop CS5 Merge to HDR Pro – Ghost Removal and Colors

But… I’ve noticed some issues with color when using CS5 to create several of my HDR photos. Very bright areas sometimes have sections that are discolored, as in the example below.

This puzzled me until I discovered today that the discolored area seems to be related to Ghost removal. Here is the same image, but this time processed with Ghost removal off. You can see that the discoloring is gone (or at least greatly reduced).

Photography Surprises

sur·prise: noun: an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing verb: cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock synonyms: astonishment, amazement, incredulity, wonder One reason I like photography is because it often pleasantly surprises me. If you do a search on this blog ( you’ll find I’ve used the word many times. Today I have … Continue reading Photography Surprises

Bracketing vs. Graduated ND Filters

I’d long ago answered this question, but a comment from Frank B. about this image caused me to reconsider some things. Cocoa Beach Pier before dawn Fair warning:  This post is a little deep into the weeds.  Feel free to look at the photo and move on if it isn’t your thing.  But I think … Continue reading Bracketing vs. Graduated ND Filters

Computational Photography at KSC

You may know that I’m very interested in computational photography (image capture and processing techniques that use computer processing instead of / or in addition to optical processes). My last post on this was about a year ago (, and things are still changing very fast! Lynn and I went over to Kennedy Space Center a few weeks ago … Continue reading Computational Photography at KSC

Lessons from a photogenic place (repost)

Good morning!  We were traveling last weekend and I started coming down with a cold on the flight back.  So I haven’t been out much since and I don’t have any new material for you.  Instead, I’ll repost this write-up from back in April, 2014 – it’s one of my favorites.  And it reminds me … Continue reading Lessons from a photogenic place (repost)