Strange Light

The light was unusual about 15 minutes before sunrise . I don’t think I’ve encountered anything like it before.

Strange light at dawn by the dock 3Strange light at dawn by the dock (3)

There were only a few clouds near the horizon. The sky was much brighter than the river and things on it. So bright that I knew it would be hard to capture the dynamic range in the scene. I went ahead and started photographing anyway.

Strange light at dawn by the dockStrange light at dawn by the dock (1)

That light lasted about fifteen minutes. I tried single frames, bracketing, and hi / low panoramas to capture it. When I got home and looked at the files, nothing had recorded the whole dynamic range. In hindsight, maybe I could have done a little better by bracketing with a wider set of exposures, or using exposure compensation to lower the overall brightness of the brackets. But I didn’t think of doing that then. I hope I remember next time.

It seems that my frames wanted to be high key, so I processed them for detail in the foreground and let the sky blow out. In the end, I like how they look.

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6 thoughts on “Strange Light

  1. That light reminds me of times in southeast Florida when dust from Africa was being pushed ashore. Seems early in the year for that, though. Sometimes, Ma Nature just offers a scene which defies that to which we have become accustomed.

    Ordinary photographers throw up their hands and go look for a posing turtle.

    Extraordinary photographers forge ahead and show us the way.

    We are really enjoying this weather! Hope it lasts for a week or three.

    1. I don’t think it was African dust in the air, Wally. Wouldn’t that last longer?

      We’re enjoying this weather too. Wish it could stay this way year round.

  2. Very nice blog and images! So often when I take pictures, later I think about what I could have done to capture in image better but being there was the best. So you were there for that special light. You won’t forget what you saw but you captured some beautiful images!

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