Night Sky in Death Valley

I’ve been away for the last week and caught a bad cold on the trip.  I got home last night and I’m feeling better today although I  don’t have the energy for a long blog post. Sorry.

I’ll be back next week and I promise to provide more photos and info.  Here’s one image to whet your appetite.   This is a 20 second exposure at f/2.2 and ISO 1600, under the darkest skies I’ve ever seen.  The Milky Way was easily visible even though the brightest part was below the horizon.

Two galaxiesTwo galaxies – Andromeda Galaxy and part of the Milky Way, from Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

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6 thoughts on “Night Sky in Death Valley

  1. Well hurry up and get well soon please, Ed – we’re on tenterhooks for the rest of the shots and the info! (Appetites duly whetted by that amazing night sky image!)

  2. Nice Milky Way shot Ed. Glad you got to shoot out west under dark skies (a lot different than Central Florida, huh!) Looking forward to seeing more shots after you get better.

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