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Thanksgiving in Wisconsin

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you.  I apologize for the irregular posting, but I’ve been busy with little time for photography or  blogging over the last week or two.

Lynn and I visited Mike and Sara for Thanksgiving and Mary joined us, so we had a very nice family holiday.  Wisconsin was different from Florida.  The day we left it was sunny with a high in the 80s. In Wisconsin, it was overcast with a temperature in the 40s, and because it’s so much farther north, the sun set at 4:15pm – making the days shorter than at home.

One thing that was hard to ignore was all the geese – they were everywhere, and you could frequently hear them honking even while inside.  This surprised me, since I thought they all migrated south for the winter.  When I researched this, it turns out that many do stay in Wisconsin year round.  I wonder what they eat and how they stay warm when the snow gets heavy?

Canada Geese on the shore of the Fox River
Fox River shoreline near Kaukona, Wisconsin; Canada Geese in the distance

Mike drove us over to Manitowic on Lake Michigan where we went through the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.  It was interesting to learn that the shipyard here made submarines during WW II.  They moved to the Gulf via the Mississippi River.

Shipbuilding scene
Shipbuilding scene, at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum; Manitowic, Wisconsin

There’s a WW II diesel boat that you can tour.

The USS Cobia, SS 245
The USS Cobia, SS 245, at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum; Manitowic, Wisconsin

The "Christmas Tree":  the lights on this panel show the status of hull openings
The “Christmas Tree” aboard the submarine USS Cobia: the red and green lights on this panel show the status of hull openings

On the way home, I convinced Mike to stop and let me make a photo of this scene.

Lake Michigan Shoreline
Lake Michigan Shoreline; Manitowic, Wisconsin

Here’s one previous post I wrote about Wisconsin.  And you can see other photos from Wisconsin in this set on Flickr.

In some other news, the Fotobug podcast interviewed me last night.  We talked about my trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve a couple of weeks ago and the bobcat photo I made.  It’s supposed to come out this Sunday afternoon (December 4, 2011) and I’ll post a link to the episode when it goes up.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!
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