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Sharing sights and vision – Goats on a roof

One of the things that makes photography so interesting is the ability to share sights and vision.  We photographers love to capture the sights we see so that we can revisit them later and show them to others. We also love to capture the sights we see in a different way so that even if someone else has already seen something, we can show our unique vision to them.

This morning, I revisited some photos I made in September of 2006.  Before Sara and Mike took Lynn and I to Wisconsin’s Door county, I’d never seen (or heard of, or even thought about) goats on a roof.  But on N Bay Shore Dr in Sister Bay, you’ll come across a small herd of goats on the roof of  Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant.  Not only that, but a Google search will reveal other goats on other roofs.  And – a search on Flickr returned 143 images this morning (actually this is a surprisingly small number) of goats on roofs.  I wonder if this is a trend?  You really do need to pay attention to keep up.

Door county is a beautiful place.  And it has goats on a roof too.  I don’t think I captured them in a unique way, but they’re certainly worth sharing with others.  What unique or unusual things have you seen and shared lately?

Goats on a roof 1
Goats on a Roof – 1

Goats on a roof 3
Goats on a Roof – 3

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