Whether the Weather

Lately, sunrise and I haven’t been getting along. I show up faithfully, but sunrise doesn’t. It’ll send it’s friend fog instead. Or it’ll come dressed in plain, clear sky attire instead of its fancy, colorful, cloud costume. Or I’ll get frustrated and sleep in, and sunrise puts on a show without me. I don’t think it likes me anymore.

Dealing with poor weather – Circle B Bar Reserve, 10-6-12

Yes, not every photo expedition goes as planned. Yesterday’s sunrise was disappointing (non-existent?). But we saw and photographed many things: birds (Sand Hill Cranes, Egrets, Herons, Ibis, Osprey, Whistling Ducks, Hawks, Coots, Moorhens, a Purple Gallinule, Woodpeckers, and others), alligators, dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, and flowers while we were there. All in all, a great day.

Stormy Weather

There’s almost always something beautiful to photograph – something unique to share with others. Sometimes you just have to think a bit different or try a little harder. The question is whether you have the time and energy to search these things out and the vision to see them when you find them. In situations like this weekend, why not make weather the subject?

Merritt Island NWR – 11/4/22

Jim Boland sent out his latest email newsletter last Thursday and it made me want to visit the refuge again. The last time I’d been was a while ago and before Hurricane Ian. I charged up my batteries and left early on Friday morning to explore. There are still some road closures over there (see … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR – 11/4/22

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Kevin M. and I have been going out photographing together since 2008 or 2009. But we hadn’t done so for a while. When he invited me to go with him to Lake Apopka yesterday, I eagerly agreed. The morning didn’t start well. The weather forecast was poor and the fog on the drive up was … Continue reading Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Mostly Shorebirds

Our weather’s been interesting – lots of rain and warmer than expected. Between that and other obligations, I’ve had a hard time practicing photography. Checking the forecast late on Thursday night, Friday looked like it would be halfway decent so I jumped at the chance to head out. There were a few rain drops falling … Continue reading Mostly Shorebirds