Blue Skies

I complained a bit about our weather last week, and I do think we’ve been getting more than our normal share of clouds and rain. It doesn’t seem right though to grumble about a few gloomy days here in Central Florida when conditions in some other parts of the country and world are bad or worse.

Anyway, it isn’t quite “Nothing but blue skies do I see” around here, but we have had some very nice days recently. This week I’ll just show you a few photos of “Blue skies smiling at me” to prove it.

Blue Skies 1Ferns

Blue Skies 7Potted Plant

Blue Skies 6Palms

Trumpet Trees (Tabebuia) are plain most of the year. In the spring, they burst with blooms for a couple of weeks. The trees in the next two photos are already blending back into the landscape.

Blue Skies 3Pink Trumpet Tree

Blue Skies 2Yellow Trumpet Tree

Blue Skies 4Spanish Moss

Blue Skies 5Ball Moss and Ferns

Here’s one last image. It’s not “Blue birds singing a song” but I feel like this blackbird was enjoying the blue skies as much as I was.

Blue Skies 8Red-winged Blackbird

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog. Your visits, comments, and likes are always very welcome and a big motivator for me. Stay positive, be kind, take care of yourselves and each other. And if you can, enjoy some blue skies photography.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Skies

  1. We really are a spoiled lot here in The Sunshine State! A few cloudy days, a bit of rain and we grumble and mumble about the lousy weather!

    Thanks for brightening up our mood and our monitors, Ed!

    Beautiful shots of the skies with wonderful subjects in the foreground!

  2. Always love your photos! So beautiful! Have you ever thought of going to Washington DC when Spring begins to photograph the Cherry Trees? I can imagine what beauty you would capture as well with those!

    1. Hey Michele!

      I went to Virginia for work way back in the spring of 2008. I was able to sneak away for a few hours one afternoon and took the subway down to DC. It was fun to walk around there in the middle of all the cherry blossoms. We were also in Wisconsin last spring when the cherry trees had just started to bloom.

      We haven’t really talked about going for the festival, though. Maybe one year …


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