Reprocessing a Mt. Evans Elk Herd panorama

Back in July of 2007, I wrote a post about Mt. Evans, Colorado and included this image of an Elk herd we saw there: At that time, I was using a Nikon D80 camera and made this photo with an entry level 70-300 telephoto lens.  I remember wanting to capture as much detail as possible, so instead … Continue reading Reprocessing a Mt. Evans Elk Herd panorama

Before and after – another photo reprocessing example

This morning I reprocessed a photo that I made last October at Viera Wetlands. Below is a series of images that show you a progression from the original images to the final result. Look in the captions for each image for details on what I did, and scroll to the bottom of the post to see the most recent version. You can also click on these photos to see larger versions.

F-18 jet exiting "Star Wars Canon" into Death Valley at Father C

Father Crowley Overlook in Death Valley NP

You may have seen the tragic news last week about a US Navy F18 crash in Death Valley.  The jet was flying through Rainbow Canyon next to Father Crawley Point when it hit, killing the pilot and injuring seven bystanders. I feel a connection to this.  One reason is because of my own Navy service. … Continue reading Father Crowley Overlook in Death Valley NP

In Defense of Post Processing

… one question I hear quite often is “why post process?”. Their argument seems to be that the photos “straight out of the camera” (SOOC) are much better than they’re used to with their old point & shoot cameras and they don’t understand why anyone should waste time learning about software and processing photos on their computers.

I’ve been using Photoshop since sometime in the early ’90s, so I really have to stop and think when someone questions why I they should use photo software. My answer comes down to: Control, Quality, and Change.