Merritt Island NWR 12/8/2022

I spent a few moments before sunrise last Thursday morning at Scobie Park (just south of Veterans Memorial Park in Titusville), watching the pre-dawn clouds reflecting in the calm Indian River water. Oh, and I had a camera with me too – I made 6 frames to stitch together into this image: The day begins … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR 12/8/2022

Merritt Island NWR – 11/4/22

Jim Boland sent out his latest email newsletter last Thursday and it made me want to visit the refuge again. The last time I’d been was a while ago and before Hurricane Ian. I charged up my batteries and left early on Friday morning to explore. There are still some road closures over there (see … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR – 11/4/22

Merritt Island NWR – July 21, 2021

Our weather’s been seasonably hot and humid here in Central Florida. We’re very definitely in the dog days of summer. According to Wikipedia, they’re called that because historically they’re associated with the summer-time rise of Sirius (Canis Major – the “Dog Star”) in the night sky. Anyway, mid-summer isn’t the best time for birds / … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR – July 21, 2021

Merritt Island NWR – December 2020

‘Twas the night after Christmas* ‘Twas the night after Christmas and I sat at my desk, trying to decide which photos were best. To the refuge I’d been three times in December. I was writing a blog post to help me remember. All of these pictures I selected with care. In hopes that they’d make you … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR – December 2020

Merritt Island NWR, 9/7/10

Editor’s note:  First things first:  We’re safe here in Central Florida and came through our brush with  Hurricane Dorian with very little damage, although people are still worried about possible future flooding from all the rain – especially along the St. Johns river. Other places weren’t as fortunate as we are. The news from The … Continue reading Merritt Island NWR, 9/7/10

Merritt Island – 4/3/19

When I  visit Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, I’m never sure what I’ll see.  But almost every time there’s something new and interesting. I hadn’t been to Gator Creek Rd. for sunrise in a while.  This spot is at one of the curves where there’s a break in the mangroves so you can get down … Continue reading Merritt Island – 4/3/19

Is Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Shutdown?

Kevin M. asked if I wanted to go photographing on Saturday and we decided to go over to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  I hadn’t been in a while and I wanted to see how it’s doing during the Government shutdown.  We also invited Kevin K. to go along. Sunrise by the causeway We stopped … Continue reading Is Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Shutdown?

Merritt Island Postcard

Hello faithful readers!  This is the next entry in the blog category called “Postcards” where  I occasionally post photos of Central Florida scenes – similar to a postcard. I’m using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license for these instead of “All rights reserved”, so you’re welcome to download these at full resolution for your personal use. … Continue reading Merritt Island Postcard

Cocoa and Merritt Island – 20 Oct 2018

I went over to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last weekend with Kevin K. and Kevin M.  On the way, we stopped by the Cocoa Beach Pier for sunrise. Anticipation – two surfers waiting for waves at dawn This year, Florida red tide’s been found in many spots along both the gulf and Atlantic coasts. … Continue reading Cocoa and Merritt Island – 20 Oct 2018