First flight?

Robert Wilson and I watched and photographed at this nesting tree for a couple of hours on our April 18th trip to Centennial Park in Holly Hill.

Nesting tree panoNesting tree pano

It was hard to keep track of all of the activity. Whenever I looked at this nest on the right side at the top of the tree, there were always two or three of the juvenile herons there. So I’m not sure if they were taking turns or only one of them has fledged so far. Anyway, I was fortunate to catch this moment about halfway through our stay:

Look at that! Should we try?Look at that! Should we try?

It really looks like only one of three siblings has fledged and the other two seem to be watching in astonishment. Or envy. Or admiration.

Or maybe the two in the nest are just worried about a crash landing!

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10 thoughts on “First flight?

  1. Ed I really enjoy looking at all your pictures every week – this one of the mom are bringing food back to his chicks is just one of the best in so many ways! Ferd

  2. Observing this cycle of a young Heron’s life is really special, Ed. Your ability to chronicle the event with superb photography enhances the experience.

    We always marvel at the size of the Heron’s nest and then totally understand when we see it filled with those big “chicks”!

    Great work!

    1. Thanks Wally, you’re very kind!

      Those young herons do get very big and it’s amazing that their weight alone doesn’t destroy the nest. They must be well built.

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