My Favorite Bridge

The A. Max Brewer Bridge over the Indian River is my favorite. Not for how it looks (it does look nice!) but because it leads to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

My favorite bridgeMy favorite bridge

Here are a few things I was fortunate to see the last time I crossed over.

This flock flying over the water next to Gator Creek Road caught my eye. I’m pretty sure they’re Sanderlings, although in one of the other photos there was a single Yellowlegs mixed in with them. It’s fascinating how their motions are so coordinated.

Synchronous SanderlingsSynchronous Sanderlings (?)

As I watched the sanderlings, I noticed other things happening. Mullet were jumping and there were several Dolphin chasing them. Terns, gulls, and osprey overhead and Cormorants in the water were also going after the fish. It was a tough morning to be a mullet in Gator Creek.

Morning DolphinMorning Dolphin

I stopped at  the Wild Birds Unlimited Trail on Black Point and walked out to see if the Cinnamon Teal was still there (didn’t see it). Savannah Sparrows were hopping on the trail and in the bushes. This one chose a great perch next to a spiderweb.

Savanah SparrowSavannah Sparrow and spiderweb

And finally, a drowsy yellowlegs picked a very nice setting to pose for me:

Drowsy Lesser YellowlegsDrowsy Lesser Yellowlegs

There were many other things to see. In addition to alligators and regular birds, there were some Northern Shovelers, a few Ring-necked ducks, an American Wigeon or two, some Black Skimmers, and a Kestrel.

It seemed like about half the cars I saw that morning had out of state plates – people driving long distances to visit a place that’s close by for me. I’m so lucky to live here in Central Florida, near my favorite bridge.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Your visits, comments, and likes are very welcome and a big motivator for me. Be kind, take care of yourselves and each other. And if you can, make some photos in one of your favorite places!

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Bridge

  1. I totally agree the most attractive feature of “your favorite bridge” is where it leads!

    We FINALLY made it across that beautiful bridge on Friday (2/4) and I’m still working on processing a “few” images. It was a gorgeous day! High water levels I think caused a lot of the bird life to look elsewhere for their daily bread but, hey, ANY day at Merritt Island NWR is a GOOD day!

    I even managed my very own photo of “your favorite bridge”!

    Love all of your photographs, Ed! The sleepy Yellowlegs is especially endearing.

    More coffee. More Lightroom.

    1. Thanks Wally – I also like that sleepy yellowlegs photo.

      I was over there on Friday too – I wonder if we were anywhere near each other? It would be nice to someday say hello to you in person!

      I’m looking forward to seeing your photos.


  2. It really does give you that excited feeling to know you are close to one of your favorite places! The bridge is spectacular! I love the morning Dolphin…they are so hard to capture in a photo. And the Yellowlegs is picture perfect! We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. We drove out to the Gulf Coast AGAIN on Friday and it’s becoming a fav for us, only 30 miles away! Enjoy your day! Looks like the week ahead will be beautiful weather. Diane

    1. Thanks so much Diane. I was lucky with the dolphin photo – it was a nice, early light over the shoulder situation.

      I’ve been enjoying your posts about the Gulf Coast. It looks like a wonderful spot, but probably two hours or so from our house.

      Enjoy the weather.


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