We were able to visit Gatorland for a few hours over the holiday break. The last time I was there was in May of 2017 to photograph birds during breeding season. It’s not breeding season now, but there were a few wild birds around that posed for me.

Great EgretGreat Egret

This next egret had a unique ‘ride’:

Uber Gator‘Uber’ Gator: It’s a good thing the Egret didn’t seem to be in a hurry – It looked like the gator ‘driver’ was asleep.

I think all the alligators are well fed but I imagine it’s still risky for birds to be so close. Standing on the gator probably protects it from other ones. It’d be easy for the gator to swish it’s tail and get rid of the bird, but maybe not worth the energy. Apparently it’s a habit. One of my Flickr friends says she sees this pair all the time.

Gators are the main attraction there and photo ops are everywhere. Here’s a huge friendly one enjoying the sunshine (thanks for pointing this out Sara!):

At restAt rest

And here’s a small cuddly one watching me:

Baby AlligatorBaby gator

The light in the flamingo pond was lovely when we wandered by. I liked this view of the feathers on the back of a close one.

Flamingo feathersFlamingo feathers

And the vivid colors on this Iguana were impressive, even through glass.

Through the glassThrough the glass

In some areas, Gatorland was a little more crowded than I’d prefer, but it was all outdoors and I enjoyed my first visit after such a long time. Definitely enjoyable!

Header image: Brave Wood Stork. See a larger version here:

You can browse posts I’ve written about Gatorland at this link:

And you can view an album of my photos from there on Flickr at this link:

I hope you’re having a great start to the new year. Please be kind, take care of yourselves and each other. And have a safe and prosperous 2022. And if you can, make some photos!

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4 thoughts on “Gatorland

  1. You had a great visit, Ed!

    Love all the photographs.

    I’ve always been curious about a bird perching on a ‘gator. Cattle Egret on cattle makes sense, as they scoop up bugs the cattle stir up while walking. But if the Great Egret is waiting for Al to stir up some fish – I can’t picture the bird trying to jump down close to those big teeth in the hope of snatching a snack away from Big Al!

    Mysteries of nature to ponder.

    These coolish mornings have been wonderful lately! Lots of photo opportunities. Just wish I could take better advantage of them. Practice, practice, practice.

    1. Hey Wally – there are a lot of nature mysteries to consider.

      The weather has been wonderful. I’m hoping to get out a bit this week. I’ve been a little under the weather (just a cold) but am feeling better now.

      Hope you and Gina are doing well.


  2. The flamingo feathers really are beautiful! With the light just right, they almost look too perfect to be real. Seems crazy to see a bird on the back of an alligator but you can talk to them and talk to them…they never listen! lol Love your photos! We saw baby gators last week too. SO cute!

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