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In Picking a Print, I wrote about deciding on one more photo for our family room. Lynn re-organized things for us and I thought you’d like to see how they look.

The Prints (photo by Lynn Rosack)

I used to have a very high quality photo printer and printed many of my images. But I didn’t use it enough and had problems keeping it going (running out of expensive ink, clogged nozzles, color calibration, etc.). It was very frustrating and I eventually gave up and gave it away. Since then we’ve switched to ordering metal prints. They’re a bit expensive but I like the quality, and they’re not as pricy as they seem if you factor in the cost of matting and framing paper prints.

Printing photographs that you look at (and really see) every day is a much different experience than looking through them every once in a while on a computer. I’m sure each of you have images that deserve to be seen. If you haven’t printed any of your photos lately, you should think about doing so.

Actually, you should think about printing every time you make a photograph. If your camera / settings / technique / workflow is optimized for prints it will result in high quality image files and you’ll have the option of printing them if you want to.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Please take care of yourselves and each other. And if you can, put up some prints!

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8 thoughts on “Our mini Gallery

  1. How nice they look! I’ve never made metal prints. They look perfect in your living room snd they are big enough to see easily. Ver nice indeed.

    1. Thank you Dorothy. It took us a long time to finish this project, but I think it turned out nice. The prints are from a company called Mpix. We’ve been happy with their metal prints. They do other kinds of printing (paper, canvas, etc.), but we haven’t tried anything else.

  2. A good follow-up to your advice on picking a print. Helps to visualize the results.

    You are right about how different it is to view images on a computer screen versus a physical print hanging on your wall.

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