Web host issues

Editors note: The blog has been up and down all morning. My hosting provider (inmotionhosting.com) says they’re having “connection issues”. I couldn’t even get a chat window to open with their support team – frustrating!

It’s back on line right now so I’m going to take this opportunity to quickly post something. Just a photo I like – I hope you like it too. And I hope my blog stays on line so you can see it!

Ibis and EgretIbis and Egret

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Hang in there, cherish your friends and loved ones, and take care of each other. And if you can – make some photos!

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10 thoughts on “Web host issues

    1. Hi Jim,

      This one may have been part of a larger problem – there were reports of internet outages from quite a few places that morning.

      Blogs are more trouble than email mailing lists, but I think the advantages are worth it.


  1. Hi, Ed,
    I was able to see your post just fine. Beautiful image. Crazy things are happening right now just to frustrate us, I think.. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
    You image is awesome.

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