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When I go on a photo expedition I come home with many more images than I process, and I post even less.  So every once in a while I go through the photos in my Lightroom catalog and look for ones that I passed over, to see if my current self thinks they’re good enough to show or include in a blog post.

Caught in a sunbeamCaught in a sunbeam, Gatorland, May 2017

Anyway, I was doing this last week and ended up with the group of images in this post.  They made me  realize once again how wonderful Central Florida is for bird watching and bird photography.

Handsome Anhinga

Handsome Anhinga, Gatorland, May 2016

We have an enormous variety of avian wildlife here (iBird says 366 species in the state of Florida, Wikipedia says 524!).

SpoonbillSpoonbill, Black Point Wildlife Drive, January 2018

At some locations the larger birds are tolerant of people – especially if you stay in your car and / or take care not to stress them.  And nesting season provides opportunities that aren’t common elsewhere.

Hungry HeronsHungry Herons, Viera Wetlands, March 2018

I’ve added info to the captions on when and where I made these images so you can get an idea of what you’ll see.  The best time of year is probably January through May, but you can find  opportunities year round –  if you’re lucky and do your research.

Belted KingfisherBelted Kingfisher, Viera Wetlands, March 2018

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

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10 thoughts on “Bird shots

  1. Yes, I agree..Central Florida is an amazing place to be for ‘The Bird’s! Beautiful images!

    1. Thanks Bogdilly. My photo blog budget is 3 – 4 images per post. So I usually try to pick out what I think are my best ones from any one trip and only post those I don’t remember the exact situation, but these photos apparently had to wait their turn!

  2. Ed, this is Ashley from the Focus on Atlanta workshop. I have been enjoying your blog, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to to tell you that these are awesome photos! I can’t choose a favorite! Thank you for sharing them. I love wildlife so much and your photography is a wonderful portrayal of these beautiful birds <3.

    1. Hi Ashley – it’s great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words and comment. I like photographing and writing the blog, but it’s very motivational when other folks like what I do too!

      I really enjoyed that workshop in Atlanta. We had a great group, great leaders, and wonderful photo ops. Maybe we can meet up again sometime.


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