A Florida Photo Parable?

SandhIll Crane Family 1Sandhill Crane Family 1

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my morning walk with a friend when we spotted an adult Sandhill Crane and two colts. As we drew near, the adult started leading the colts around a corner and away from danger (us).  We kept walking and when they came back in sight,  there was only one young one with the parent.

SandhIll Crane Family 2Sandhill Crane Family 2

The adult obviously knew that one baby was missing.  It turned around and headed back toward us to find the second one – which had wandered in the opposite direction and was lost in the bushes on our right.

SandhIll Crane Family 3Sandhill Crane Family 3

The adult found the missing colt and led it back out to reunite the family.

Sand HIll Crane Family 4Sandhill Crane Family 4

And they went on their way. The adult looks like it’s going to give the wayward colt a stern talking to!

Watching something like this makes me think about how strong parenting instincts are in animals. We tried not to threaten these birds, but the adult crane was going to get the baby back even if it meant facing off against two large people.

Much like people should face off against a government that takes human children away from their families.

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5 thoughts on “A Florida Photo Parable?

  1. Ed, you take great photos and I really enjoy them as I do the ones I take. We all have opinions about everything in this world. I view your photos for the beauty of nature. I’m sick and tired of getting hit by all the politics of this world every time I turn on the tv and radio. Please don’t use your blog to express political feelings. I agree with you on the kids. It’s all a big mess. Stick to what you do best. I don’t want you tainting your blog with politics. Just my humble opinion. Regards, Alex, Broward Camera Club

    1. Thanks Jeff and Alex for your comments.

      I know that people normally read my blog for photography and not politics. So I very seldom say anything political on here and I hesitated this time. I hope people will be tolerant but if they’re not, I understand.


  2. Great story Ed. Funny how little experiences like this can be so impactful. Kudos as well for the courage to make a political statement on your blog!

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