Blog subscribers restored!

Good afternoon everyone!

You probably missed my post yesterday, where I wrote about both Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and my struggle to get the blog back up and running.  That was because the connection between my blog and the Jetpack plugin that manages emailing each post to all my subscribers broke during the move.

I’m happy to report that the awesome Jetpack tech support folks (thanks James!!!) have fixed the issue and all future posts should go out normally.  If you’d like to see yesterday’s, please visit the site or click the link above.

Thanks so much for following my blog.


2 thoughts on “Blog subscribers restored!

  1. I tried to get to Black Point on Thursday but it was closed. I did find lots of White Pelicans though inside the gates of Canaveral National Seashore.

    1. Hey Jim,

      I’m not sure why Black Point was closed on Thursday. I’m glad they opened it up before we got there on Friday, because it didn’t occur to me that it might be closed.

      We should’ve though about going by Canaveral National Seashore too.


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