A bad day for fish…

Photography Interest Group members haven’t been doing much photography together lately.  I was happy that Kevin M. arranged a trip to Viera Wetlands last Friday.  Kevin K. also went along.

Early morning calmEarly morning calm – Along the St. Johns River where it crosses HW 50

On the way, we stopped at a favorite sunrise spot and even though it’s been well photographed, managed to get images we liked.

At Viera, we drove around the main cells a couple of times and saw some interesting things.  This Tricolored Heron had speared a large fish and was trying to swallow it.   It couldn’t hold on and dropped it just after I made this photo.

Tri-colored HeronTri-Colored Heron, this one with breakfast.

We saw a few of the regular birds there, but the ducks and other winter migrants don’t seem to have arrived yet.  On the way out, Kevin M. talked us into taking a quick spin around the Click Ponds and I’m glad he did.  The water’s been low there for a while and the birds are having a feast.  The shallow water concentrates the fish and makes them easy prey.  Birds lined up and grabbed fish out of this small stream that flowed toward the low point in the pond.

Chow lineChow line – The water level in the Click Ponds at Viera Wetlands was very low yesterday. 

Over in the corner was a very large mixed flock also enjoying the banquet.  I spotted Wood Storks, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Tricolored Herons, Glossy and White Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Black Vultures, and a White Pelican in this one photo.

A large flock of birdsA large flock of feeding birds

So, it wasn’t a good day for fish, but the birds enjoyed it.

I have many posts about Viera Wetlands here on the blog  that you can scroll through at this link, and many photos you can look through in this album on Flick.

You might also be interested in this quite literal “behind the scenes” look at a very handsome gentleman photographing the sunrise on Friday morning:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/34024553@N08/29844690526/in/dateposted/

Oh, and I might be joking about the handsome gentleman part    😉

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

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7 thoughts on “A bad day for fish…

  1. Love your pics and ramblings. I haven’t been out with my camera due to an injury but have been seeing lots of good pics! The birds are starting to migrate back to the Melbourne area I hear. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hey Roz,

      Thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I do like to ramble about and photograph things. It’s a good hobby to keep me active.

      I think the migratory birds will start showing up any time.


  2. Had to laugh about ‘ramblings’! Surely this blog is far too erudite and well-penned for ‘ramblings’? (But the handsome gentleman was a let down.) 😀

    1. Hello Rhona!

      I don’t know about erudite and well penned, but I’ll take the complement – thanks!

      Sorry to disappoint with the handsome gentleman. I’ll try harder to live up to your expectations! 😉


  3. Hi Ed and Kevin,
    Thanks for the sunrise beautiful shot, cannot really get good ones with the power lines at Viera Wetlands. The shots are so good I am going to go out again Wednesday. The Click ponds are fun with the glistening water and birds feeding. Birds are in flight and some white birds in the canal behind my home.

  4. I saw a program on television about birds and they stated that sometimes the bird will shake and beat the fish so it will die as well as getting them into position for swallowing.

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