Lobster Roll Stroll

Mary Kate had a craving for Lobster Rolls last Saturday and her favorite place to get them is at Cafe Heavenly (http://www.cafeheavenly.com) in New Smyrna Beach.   Lynn and I like the place too, so we drove over with her.

After lunch the girls wanted to window shop.  Me – not so much.  We set a time to meet, I left them to it, and set out to walk up and down Flagler Avenue.  With my camera, of course.

Harley Ladies on Flagler Ave.Harley Ladies on Flagler Avenue.

 It’s an interesting place.  There are all sorts of people, shops, places to eat and drink, and even a few hotels and B&Bs.

No VacancyNo Vacancy – Fortunately we didn’t need a place to stay.

Our weather here in Central Florida is turning summer like.  After about 45 minutes I was getting hot and thirsty.  I saw this, and agreed completely:

Polly wants a cocktailPolly wants a cocktail – I was getting pretty thirsty.

Oh yeah, about that Lobster Roll – they are delicious!

Cafe Heavenly Lobster Roll
Cafe Heavenly Lobster Roll – photo by Lynn Rosack, used with permission.

I enjoyed the food and the stroll.  You can see a few more photos from the area in this album on Flickr.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

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6 thoughts on “Lobster Roll Stroll

  1. Hi Ed and Lynn,
    Thanks for the creative photography, I am putting that idea to use. I see more and more black/white photography, I think it’s more dramatic.
    I did not know lobster rolls could be so good, had one once and it was “glommy” !


    1. Thank you, Portia.

      I like black and white. For this walk, I put my camera in B&W mode. I shot in RAW so that I could recover the color version if needed, but I like being able to see a B&W image in the viewfinder.

      My daughter thinks these lobster rolls are better than the ones she had in Maine.


  2. Wish I had know you were there. I would have come and shook your hand!

    New Smyrna Beach is a pretty near pplace for sure and that lobster roll is amazing! I had one once. Need to go back for one!

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      I didn’t have much warning about this trip – my daughter decided that morning that she needed a lobster roll for lunch. I can try to send you an email next time we come over.


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