Fisheye, fog, and Flower

Wow – it’s been over a year since I’ve posted any fisheye photos on the blog. So one day last week, I mounted my Rokinon 7.5mm Micro Four Thirds lens and went out looking for some photos.  I ended up at Central Winds Park in Winter Springs.  It was very foggy and the light was a bit dim – it was a good thing I brought a tripod with me.  I noticed several kinds of wildflowers blooming and decided they might be good subjects..

Fog and mist can blur detail unless you get close.  Fog in the background can also help isolate your subject.  Getting close with a wide-angle lens (especially a fisheye) will emphasize close in objects and make them stand out.  So I got close to this flower.  It was off to the side of the path and I was able to frame it against the dead leaves so colors also helped it stand out.

Flowers in the forest by the footpath in the fog

Flowers in the forest by the footpath in the fog

Using an approach like this can give your image an almost 3d look. I stopped down to f/8 which made my depth of field large enough to cover the flower, but shallow enough to blur the background a little.  At base ISO (200) my exposure was 1/50 second.  I used -1 stop of exposure compensation so the sky in the background didn’t blow out, and this also helped with saturation.  The Rokinon is manual focus.  Since focus was critical, I carefully used magnified live view to get it just right.   I like how this turned out, but looking at it now maybe I should have gotten even closer.

You can see more of my fisheye photos in this set on Flickr.

A note about the blog:  I’m working to add Gallery / Portfolio pages to my site.  I’ve posted two so far.  You can get to them from the pull down menu at the top of the page, or by clicking these links:  Florida Landscapes,  Florida Wildlife.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

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7 thoughts on “Fisheye, fog, and Flower

  1. That was definitely a blg title designed to hook – and it did! And well worth reading, too. For some reason, I then couldn’t make any of the links in the email (Comment/ See all comments/ Fisheye etc title) work, so had to come via your photostream. There’s dedication! But alighting on your album cover page was a joy in itself – and shows what a tremendous body of work you’ve built. Great stuff!

  2. Most of message not showing – so will repeat: For some reason, I then couldn’t make any of the links in the blog work (Comment/ See All Comments etc – Page Not Found) so had to come via your Photostream. But that was a treat in itself, seeing all the album covers and the tremendous body of work you’ve built up. Great stuff! (I hope the message shows this time, or I’m giving up!)

    1. Thanks, Rhona.

      As far as the comments go, it seems like the whole thing is recorded, but only one line displays on the blog page. I’ll look into this to see how to fix it. I appreciate you letting me know.


      1. Well, the issue with the comments was a flaw in the wordpress template I was using. It didn’t correctly wrap the text in comments. I changed to a different theme to fix it. Thanks again!

        1. Well done Ed. I need to be able to comment occasionally so you won’t stop this excellent free resource your blog represents! Enlightened self-interest on my behalf. 🙂

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