Photographic Friction

Friction synonyms: Hostility, frustration, conflict, discord, strife, opposition, contention, dispute, fighting, antipathy, resentment, …

Friction antonyms: Harmony.

For the past week or so, my photographic pursuits seem to be in slow motion.  Creating  photos is difficult.  Friction and frustration are up and harmony and flow are down.

What’s going on?  Glad you asked.  1.  I’m having problems finding things to photograph.  2. I’m also having problems with the software I use to process photos.  3. And I’m having problems with my blog.  Hmm.

1. The Images

I was a little busy this week (with #2 and #3) so it left me less time to photograph.  But I did go out on Saturday with Kevin M.  He needed  a park pass and suggested we drive over to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge to pick one up at the Visitor’s Center.  Of course, I talked him into leaving early for sunrise and we went by Gator Creek just before dawn.  This is a nice enough image, but leaves me wanting better.  The sky’s a little bland and I couldn’t find a nicer foreground.  And the no-see-ums were fierce!

Another Gator Creek morning
Another Gator Creek morning – a 4 frame panorama, ISO 100, f/11 at 2 seconds

We also drove around Black Point Wildlife Drive, but honestly, there aren’t many birds or animals there now.  We saw very few of the regular birds and a wild pig, but most of the wildlife seems to be somewhere else.  Summer slow down indeed.  When we swung by the Visitors center there wasn’t much bird activity there either.  I carried my infrared camera and experimented with IR insects.  I like this one – but it also leaves me wanting.

An infrared butterfly
An infrared butterfly

I guess the moral of this part of the story is that making good photos isn’t easy and some photo ops aren’t as good as others.  Don’t let all the good ones you see on the web convince you otherwise.  Keep looking and shooting.  And don’t go just looking for photos –  you should also go for the experience.  Enjoy being out and don’t make it all about the image.  And in Florida, in the summer, before dawn – bring insect repellent to cut your hostile friction with the bugs.

2. The Software

I’ve had issues for some time using the “Edit in Photoshop” command in Lightroom.  Photoshop would open, but sometimes the file itself would never show up.  If I tried to open the file directly from inside Photoshop, it worked every time.  With the latest updates to both programs the problem got much worse.  Every time I tried to open a RAW file in Photoshop from Lightroom, it wouldn’t work.

After several searches on Google, I found others are having this problem too.  But there wasn’t any clear-cut solution, so I  called Adobe.   They told me to uninstall both programs and reinstall, but make sure to reinstall Photoshop first.  This is a pain since I have to also reinstall all the plug-ins and presets I use too.  I did get through it and it’s now working better, although it’s still happened a few times since.  Frustrating friction.

3. The Blog

If you follow this blog via email or Twitter, you probably didn’t see last week’s post – a shame – I thought it was pretty good!

For some reason, the server isn’t sending email or Twitter notifications when a new post goes up.  I’ve tweaked some settings and hope it’s corrected now.  If not, I’ll have to keep troubleshooting.  Curious, conflicting friction.

By the way, if you didn’t see last week’s post, here’s a link:

Photography is a great hobby that’s sometimes frustrating.  But I’ve done it long enough to know that harmony will eventually return.  When it does, the frictionless flow will be truly enjoyable.

If it doesn’t I’ll have to get a giant can of WD-40 to spray all over everything.  That should lower the friction.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now, go make some photos!

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8 thoughts on “Photographic Friction

    1. Thanks Jim. The blog is sending emails out again, and my Lightroom / Photoshop issue seems to be resolved. And I’m planning some new photo ops in the near future. Life is good!

  1. From the other end of the spectrum, where subjects, software and skill level rarely, if ever, coalesce in a decent shot, I must remind you that you’re inspirational, even on a bad day! And I daresay your plateau of frustration will morph into a spectacular panorama any minute! In the meantime, thanks for the info on the ‘edit in Photoshop command in Lightroom’ problem which I shall pass on to a friend who I think may have been struggling with the very same issue.

    1. What a nice comment, Rhona – thank you so much!

      I’m sorry if I came across a bit negative. That wasn’t my intent. I was really trying to make the point in the last paragraph of part 1 – maybe I should have led with that!

      Anyway, thanks again – readers and comments are very encouraging to me.


      1. Having got your pal up before dawn to get bitten to death not finding any decent shots, do hope he’s onside about savouring the experience! 🙂

  2. Ha ha…I loved reading about your frustrations. I certainly have been going through the same thing. I love taking pictures but my images seem to be missing something. I know the spirit is willing, but that right images just hasn`t pop for me lately. I’m reverting back to flowers in my garden and such. Ha…Oh well, I’m sure things will POP again one of these days. Until then, I’m sizzling a bit and still on the prowl…:)

    I love the images that you showed in this blog. They are mellow compared to some, but mellow is good, too. They are real shots of reality. You will treasure them one day.

    1. Thank you Dorothy!

      In some other places, winter isn’t as good for photography. But here in Florida our summers seem slow. And even though summer just started, it won’t be long before it’s over and we’ll have cooler weather and different photo ops.

      Keep shooting!

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