Look Again

I drive past this place all the time.

The road less taken
The road less taken (black and white, infrared; two image vertical panorama blended manually)

I’ve made some photographs there, but haven’t actually stopped for several years.  It’s changed tremendously, and I like how the overgrown road looks now in infrared.  A little spooky.

Places change.  Even if you think you know a site, go back once in a while.  It might look different.  Or you might have an infrared camera with you next time.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!

8 thoughts on “Look Again

  1. Enjoy your blog. The infrared really gives a different look….very interesting….It doesn’t look like Florida, but it is…Thank you for the inspiration and ideas….

    1. Thanks, Jeff.

      This is on SR 434 in Winter Springs. They widened it to 4 lanes years ago and left this old two lane section along side the new one. If you drive east on 434, just after the intersection with Tuscawilla Road you’ll go under a bike overpass. Take the very next right turn and you’ll see this as you turn in.

  2. The woods are lovely! Anything but dark and deep!

    And, to the untutored eye, I’ll bet this view looks nothing special, but with infrared you definitely make it so.

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