Sunset Sports Shot

Short post this week:  my son Mike is visiting and I didn’t have time for a photo expedition.

He wanted to go to the University of Central Florida football game last night.  Since it was a 7pm kick-off, I checked the open seats on the east side and there were still some available up in the nosebleed section.  We enjoyed the first quarter while I waited to see if the Florida sky would do it’s thing.   It cooperated – here’s my version of a sports photograph:

UCF Knights defeat the Akron Zips 38 - 7
Football foreground:  The sun set early on the visiting Akron Zips in the UCF football opening home game.

The Akron team was overmatched.  We had a good time watching UCF win – the final score was 38 – 7.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go sneak in a sunset photo!

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5 thoughts on “Sunset Sports Shot

  1. Super shot Ed. And great timing to catch the rays but without the flare, and with enough light only to need ISO200. So I’m thinking you must have had more eyes on the sky than the game – but heck they were always going to win.

    1. Guilty as charged! I was a little more “focused” on the sky than the ground.

      Did you have any trouble posting your comment this time?

  2. No Ed, it posted first time. Tweaks seem to have triumphed!

    Damn it heard me. Am having to keep pressing Post Comment to see if I can make this one go! But probably it’s me/ AOL.

  3. I’ve taken pictures of some amazing sunsets at UCF games. Who knew it was such a good place for sunset pics?

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