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Today’s entry is just a few notes about the blog.  First:  A photo. This is unrelated really to the subject of this post, but we can’t have a post without a photo – can we? This is from Melbourne Beach, Florida on the morning after the Turtle walk.

He wants to see the sunrise

Smell the sea, sense the sand, and see the sun rise

Second:  If you’re reading the blog using Google’s Reader RSS service or an app or web page that uses it to sync, then you should know that Google is stopping Reader as of tomorrow.  There are several alternatives.  You can subscribe via email (use the button at the top right), visit using your browser once or twice a week, or adopt a new RSS reader.  I’m trying out “The Old Reader“.  There’s an IOS app called “Feeddler” that can sync with it.  Several others are available too and will come up if you Google “Google Reader alternatives”.

Third:  I’ve been behind updating the blog’s Table of Contents page, but I’ve caught up now.  If you’ve never looked at it, please check it out.  I think it’s a great resource on Central Florida (and other) Photo Ops.

Fourth:  I’ve also been very behind keeping my Birding life list up to date.  I still haven’t caught up on this, but it should be done later this week.  It’ll have a few new (for me) birds from earlier this year and will be re-organized and sorted to align with the ABA bird checklist.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now – go make some photos!
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3 thoughts on “Some Blog Housekeeping Info

  1. You’ve created something amazing. I just tried out the new Table of Contents and it amply demonstrates the depth and breadth of information, and fabulous illustration, you’ve assembled through time; it’s certainly put Florida on my To Do list!

    1. Rhona, I’m truly blessed to live in Florida. If you do get here, send me an email – I’d love to show you a favorite place or two!

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