Moody dawn at Orlando Wetlands

I got up early and went to Orlando Wetlands Park last Friday.  This time I walked west from the parking area along the berm parallel to Wheeler road.

Even when the sunrise isn’t very colorful, it’s still nice to get out and see it.  It’s also more of a challenge to photograph.

Swampy sunrise
Swampy sunrise

This stand of dead trees in cell 2 drew my attention.  They looked spooky, and I used the infrared camera to help bring this out.

Swampy dawn
Haunted Marsh at dawn

You can see more photos of Orlando Wetlands in this set on Flickr.

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8 thoughts on “Moody dawn at Orlando Wetlands

  1. Great shots! I’m in Orlando for a conference and will definitely try to get out to these wetlands to get some shots while I’m here. Thanks for the posts. (older ones too)

      1. Thanks Ed. Where would you say the best sunrise spot around Orlando is? Would you rank the OWP up there? I’ll probably try going there tomorrow morning.

        1. Yes, I like OWP. It has a very “Florida look” with the Cypress and Palm trees. You can also see quite a variety of birds there as well as alligators. The two photos in this post are from the cell on the west side of the park (from the parking lot). The photos in this post: are on the east side. I think I added gps coordinates to these, so if you click on them, you can view them in Flickr and see a map of the locations.

          Good luck tomorrow! Please let me know how you do.

          1. Thanks for the information. I’ll be sure to share the shots. I’d love to try to get that shot you have in the link you posted. I couldn’t find the GPS info on it. Is that just off Wheeler rd? Are they pretty accessible or do you have to hike a ways to get there?

          2. The photos in this post are west along the dirt road inside the park that runs parallel to Wheeler road.

            The photos in the post I linked to are from the south shore of Lake Searcy. Head north from the parking area along the dirt road take the right hand dirt road to get there. It’s usually very calm in the morning, so you can get some nice reflections. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the parking area. Try this link to google maps.

          3. Thanks for your help and advice. I was able to make it there this morning to get some shots off. Not the best sunrise but it still was pretty to see. Only downside was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. 🙂

          4. Great! Glad you found it OK and I hope your photos turn out well. Yes, the mosquitoes and no-see-ems can be annoying in Florida. Long sleeves and insect repellent are often required in the summer months.

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