Water Dragon Sunrise

Just a quick entry to say I’m very sorry about not posting last week.  I was busy with family and found it hard to update the blog.  But the good news is that I’ve got a lot of new images and info to share with you (as soon as I get finished editing my photos).

Mary graduated from the University of Florida with her MBA degree and Lynn and I celebrated with her, Mike, and Sara by taking a family cruise.  Here’s one favorite image from the trip:

Water Dragon Sunrise
Water Dragon Sunrise – The view from the deck of the Carnival Paradise last Thursday morning, somewhere near Yucatán in the Gulf of Mexico.

This illustrates an important point for sunrise photography:  It’s very hard to predict – so you have to wait and see what develops.  This scene looked very mundane at first.  Several people came out on deck, took a photo and went back inside.  But then an interesting cloud formation developed and drifted left right in front of the sun. I really liked the shape. And the back / rim lighting. And the rays. And the shadows coming up from the head that look like smoke. And the mist on the horizon. And the ocean…

And the food at breakfast was pretty good too!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Now, go make some photos!

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