Young birds are growing up at Viera Wetlands

Yesterday was another reminder of how blessed we are to live in Florida.  We have opportunities all around us to go out and see nature in action.  You should all do this at least occasionally – it can greatly enhance your perspective during the week.

At Viera Wetlands, the migratory birds have left and many of the year round residents seemed to be taking the day off yesterday. But there was still plenty to see.  We especially enjoyed watching adults taking care of their offspring. There were Great Blue Herons, Anhingas, Sand Hill Cranes, and Limpkins all with young. We also saw a pair of severely back-lit Caracaras, an Osprey, a Green Wing Teal, Glossy Ibises (Ibi?), and several other varieties of birds as well as a few alligators. One person we talked to also showed us an outstanding series of photos she captured of a Great Blue / Water Moccasin battle that happened before we got there.

I’ve included several of my photos from the trip below. You can see more in my Viera Wetlands Set on Flickr.

Sand Hill Crane familySand Hill Crane family

Young Limpkin learning to hunt snails
Young Limpkin learning to hunt snails

Great Blue Heron in nest
Great Blue Heron in nest – Chick is just visible at the bottom of the frame

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