A full bloom riot of flowers

Last year during wildflower season, I hesitated to venture out into the Lake Jesup Wilderness Area in the dark.  I’ve seen several types of animals and birds out there and never any snakes, but it sure does seem like prime snake country to me.  And I don’t relish stepping on something dangerous in the tall growth and dim light.   This year, I was a little braver (and very careful) and got out into the wildflower fields just as the sun came up.

Watching the sun riseWatching the sun rise

I really wish last weekend’s spectacular sunrises had repeated this weekend. But even though there were no clouds and very  little sky color, the fields of wildflowers made up for it with a full bloom riot of Helianthus angustifolius var. canadense.

Lake Jessup WildflowersLake Jesup Wildflowers – Narrow leaf Sunflowers, also called “Swamp Sunflowers

It’s not too late for you to go out and see this wonderful explosion of nature, but it will be too late soon.  This morning, the blooms seemed to be just about at their peak, and they fade quickly.

You can see other photos I’ve made out there in this Flickr set.  For more information, here are two other posts about  this area:



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