Photo Location Block

This is a nice photo I made recently. I’d rate it a “2” meaning it’s good enough to show other people. But it’s not that good, and I keep thinking there was a better photo there and I just didn’t find it.

Crypts at dawnCrypts at dawn (click to view on Flickr)

I’ve been by this particular place several times.  Each time I see it, I just know that there must be one or more great photographs lurking about.  All I have to do is find them and push the shutter.

At many places it works out that way for me.  I’m able to capture amazing images and come back with something special.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.  For some reason I can’t “find the photo”.  I’m calling this “Location Block”.  The location above has bothered me since I first saw it.  I’ve tried several times and so far, I haven’t ever been really happy with any of the photos I’ve made there (including this one).  Have you ever felt this way?

I’m still searching for a solution.  Is it the time of day? Lighting? Clouds? Lens? Filters? Position? Random Luck? Am I mistaken in the first place and there really is no truly great photo there?  I don’t know yet, but one of the very interesting things about photography is that there are rules of thumb and guide lines – but there’s no surefire formula.  Sometimes you have to keep exploring.  Each time you try something different you learn.  And if you have to try a large number of things over a long time to get a great photo, it’s fun.  You’ll learn a lot and when you finally do get the photo, the satisfaction will be immense.

At least that’s what I’m hoping.

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