Return to Black Point

The last time we were at Black Point Wildlife drive was back in May ( when water levels were down and there were very few birds anywhere around. Yesterday, we made a return trip to see what the place is like after three months of almost daily rain in the Central Florida area. We arrived … Continue reading Return to Black Point

Birds scarce at Black Point Wildlife Drive – Water levels down

I visited Black Point Wildlife Drive at Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near Titusville, Florida this morning with my local Photography Interest Group.  Central Florida’s recent lack of rainfall has dramatically affected the region.  We saw small puddles in areas that are normally covered in water, birds and photographers.  If you’re planning to visit this … Continue reading Birds scarce at Black Point Wildlife Drive – Water levels down

Black Point Wildlife Drive – Friday, January 2, 2009

Ansel Adams said: “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter. ” For me, last Friday was one of those times. When I find myself in in a situation like this I have to be careful not to be overwhelmed. It’s too easy to start clicking the … Continue reading Black Point Wildlife Drive – Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello Again

It’s been a little over a month since my last post. I enjoyed writing this one after such a long break. I went over to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge toward the end of August. I wasn’t expecting to see much, but I wanted to get out and photograph something. I’m glad I did, because … Continue reading Hello Again

Mostly Shorebirds

Our weather’s been interesting – lots of rain and warmer than expected. Between that and other obligations, I’ve had a hard time practicing photography. Checking the forecast late on Thursday night, Friday looked like it would be halfway decent so I jumped at the chance to head out. There were a few rain drops falling … Continue reading Mostly Shorebirds

A Few More Photos

I really enjoyed my first visit of the year to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge a few weeks ago. Here are some more of those photos that haven’t been on the blog before. The view that morning looking south east from under the Max Brewer Memorial Causeway bridge was lovely. I made several frames – … Continue reading A Few More Photos

The Egret and the Shrimp

Reddish Egrets are favorites of mine. They’re handsome and fun to watch. They aren’t normally found inland, but you can spot them year round here in Central Florida along the coast in shallow bays, lagoons, and marshes. 1 – Scouting When feeding, they wade rapidly and erratically through shallow water, scaring prey and using their … Continue reading The Egret and the Shrimp

A Favorite Place

I was in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last Thursday morning and made a number of photos I really like. Today I’ll share 10 that show some of what you can see there at this time of year. Handsome Hoodie: I spent several minutes watching this Hooded Merganser before he finally turned toward the light. … Continue reading A Favorite Place

A Wonderful Time of Year

It’s begun: We’re finally leaving the hot weather behind here in Central Florida. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity (and fewer biting insects!) make outside activities even more pleasant. Birds / wildlife enjoy this weather too: There’s more for us to see as migrant species pass through or stop by for the winter Here are some … Continue reading A Wonderful Time of Year