Monochromatic HDR Photography

I recently purchased and read Monochromatic HDR Photography by Harold Davis. I’ve been following him for a long time and admire his photographic expertise and creativity. It’s a real treat to read this book and follow along as he makes some absolutely lovely B&W images. He covers info that will help beginners as well as experienced photographers and it’s not just post-processing technique. He also talks about the reasons behind choices and creative aspects.

An HDR photo and some tips

Here’s another photo from our trip last week to the Circle B Bar Reserve: Sunrise marsh: Early morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve near Lakeland, Florida The dynamic range of the light in a scene like this is extreme – a perfect opportunity to try your hand at High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  I … Continue reading An HDR photo and some tips

Two Image Pano / HDR / Focus Stacking

…this “Two Image Pano / HDR / Focus Stacking” technique can be useful and it has several advantages over the standard approaches …

It’s simpler than conventional techniques, and yields very good results. You can hand hold in many cases, especially if you use an image stabilized camera or lens. It uses the camera’s auto exposure effectively to expose correctly for the different areas of the image. You can post process with just Photoshop – other software isn’t required. It greatly increases the dynamic range of the final image without requiring HDR processing or software. Depth of field can be increased over a single photo approach or the conventional pano / HDR approach. It also substantially increases vertical field of view.

Photoshop CS5 Merge to HDR Pro – Ghost Removal and Colors

But… I’ve noticed some issues with color when using CS5 to create several of my HDR photos. Very bright areas sometimes have sections that are discolored, as in the example below.

This puzzled me until I discovered today that the discolored area seems to be related to Ghost removal. Here is the same image, but this time processed with Ghost removal off. You can see that the discoloring is gone (or at least greatly reduced).

2009 Photo with 2022 Software

The D90 camera was announced by Nikon in August 2008. I had one with me on a trip to Colorado in 2009 when we stopped by the Garden of the Gods city park in Colorado Springs. It’s a stunning place , especially for someone used to Florida Landscapes. The sun was nicely positioned behind this rock formation … Continue reading 2009 Photo with 2022 Software

A Stroll in the Dark

I wanted to check on the Osprey nest in downtown Winter Park, Florida. I decided to leave (very) early so I could also make some night time / low light photos in the area. I’ve done that before (see: / Here are a few of the results from this time. Colony Theater Building The Colony … Continue reading A Stroll in the Dark

Black and White Light

I’ve written a bit about this before (see #2 in this post:, but I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly revealed the secret. Here’s the finished photo: Under the bridge(click to view larger on Flickr) I like it and the Flickr folks seemed to like it too. It’s a two frame composite blended from these … Continue reading Black and White Light