Birds scarce at Black Point Wildlife Drive – Water levels down

I visited Black Point Wildlife Drive at Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near Titusville, Florida this morning with my local Photography Interest Group.  Central Florida’s recent lack of rainfall has dramatically affected the region.  We saw small puddles in areas that are normally covered in water, birds and photographers.  If you’re planning to visit this … Continue reading Birds scarce at Black Point Wildlife Drive – Water levels down

Black Point Wildlife Drive – Friday, January 2, 2009

Ansel Adams said: “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter. ” For me, last Friday was one of those times. When I find myself in in a situation like this I have to be careful not to be overwhelmed. It’s too easy to start clicking the … Continue reading Black Point Wildlife Drive – Friday, January 2, 2009

MINWR – 17 June 2020

I wish I knew how to predict what sunrise will be like. But I don’t, so I just show up and see how it’ll turn out. Here’s the first photo I made last Wednesday: The water is wide And this next photo is from nearly an hour later. The color and clouds were going strong … Continue reading MINWR – 17 June 2020

MINWR – 11 May 2020

Like most of you, it’s been two months since I’ve been any distance from home.  I’ve kept making photos on walks in our neighborhood, in our yard, or along the way on necessary trips around town. But I’ve been itching to go out on a photo specific excursion and now our stay at home orders … Continue reading MINWR – 11 May 2020

Sunrise Reflections and Fishing Ospreys

With all the bad news about the novel coronavirus pandemic and the economy / stock market, blogging about photography doesn’t seem too important, does it?  But maybe photography can distract you from those headlines for a bit, like it distracted me last Wednesday morning. Gator Creek Mirror I made a solo trip over to Merritt … Continue reading Sunrise Reflections and Fishing Ospreys


Anyone can snap a photo.  As photographers, we choose subjects and then compose frames around them so a viewer’s eyes are drawn to what we want them to see.  One thing to think about when we’re out with our cameras is how to isolate the subjects in our images. Scan the scene when shooting – … Continue reading Isolation

MINWR – 12/26/19

Twas the morning after Christmas* Twas the morning after Christmas, as I left the house – I tried to be quiet and not wake my spouse. I drove to the refuge through the long winter’s night. To get there and catch the first morning light. On the pier by the causeway, it was all blue … Continue reading MINWR – 12/26/19

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive – 13 December 2019

If you’ve been a photographer for any length of time, you might be familiar with “new gear jinx”.  It seems whenever we get new photo equipment, the weather turns bad for a while so we can’t use it. The day was dreary and the light was dim.  Lots of clouds, some fog and haze, and … Continue reading Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive – 13 December 2019

A few bird photos

I’ve been wanting to go back to Viera Wetlands.  When I called their hotline Friday night, it said the roads are closed to vehicles.  I think this is old info, but I didn’t want to drive all the way there to check.  So I went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge instead on Saturday morning. … Continue reading A few bird photos