These are from our 2009 vacation. Most of the wildlife sightings were while we were in Juneau. Sully and I went on a photo excursion with Gastineau Guiding and they showed us the breeching humbacks, seals, sea lions, and the bear. Copyright 2009, Ed Rosack and Martin Sullivan - All Rights Reserved.

Seagull racing the MS Statendam

Sandpiper (?) on ice flow

Seagulls on ice

Bald eagle in the rain

Harbor seals

Harbor seals

Distant breaching humpback and birds

North Pacific Killer whale from the MS Westerdam

Humpback whale spout

Breaching humpback; In the full res version, the two white dots in tree to the upper left behind the whale are bald eagles.

Breaching humpback

Breaching humpback

Humpback whale calf breeching

Humpback whale tail

Humbolt Sea lion and gull watch two male Sea Lions arguing

Humbolt Sea Lions, one with an itch

Humbolt Sea Lions and marker

Bear in the bushes (photo by Martin Sullivan)

Salmon (photo by Martin Sullivan)

Salmon (photo by Martin Sullivan)

Float plane and bird against the setting sun