These are some of the other photos from our 2009 vacation. Copyright 2009, Ed Rosack - All Rights Reserved.

Point-No-Point Lighthouse HDR

Poulsbo sunset

Poulsbo sunset

Lighthouse near Seattle, Washington

Double rainbow

Dusk in Port Angelese, Washington, panorama

Glacier Bay sunrise panorama

Glacier Bay sunrise HDR

Ed on vacation with three cameras. Lynn on vacation with two glasses of wine.

Juneau, Alaska - gold panning creek

Juneau, Alaska stream and waterfall

Tracy Arm vegitation

Cliff and waterfalls panorama

A Ketchikan trawler and house in the background with a parked float plane.

Float plane at sunset

Victoria, breakwater and light at sunset, panorama

Victoria sunset HDR

Victoria sunset panorama

Seattle sunrise panorama with moon and Mars(?)

Seattle sunrise panorama with Mt. Ranier

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market veggies

Rocks and rainbow in Waterfall Garden Park, the birthplace of United Parcel Service

A shop in downtown Seattle


Kayaking in the Hiram M. Chittendoen Locks, Lake Washington Ship Canal

The Fremont Troll, by Steve Badanes, Will Martin, and Rosa Whitehead

Sleepless in Seattle houseboats

The Space Needle

What people do at the Space Needle

Seattle Panorama from Kerry Park Viewpoint

Mount Ranier from our Alaskan Airlines plane on the flight home