These are from our 2009 vacation. We spent one day in Glacier Bay and another in Tracy Arm fjiord abord the MS Westerdam. In between, we visited the Mendenhal glacier in Juneau. Copyright 2009, Ed Rosack - All Rights Reserved.

Heading in to Glacier Bay at Sunrise

Glacier Bay Panorama

Mountains, ice and snow

We were in sight of the MS Statendam for much of the day. I believe this is our first glacier sighting!

Mountains, ice and snow

A panorama showing Johns Hopkins Glacier from the MS Westerdam

Johns Hopkins glacier

Marjorie glacier calving sequence - 1

Marjorie glacier calving sequence - 2

Marjorie glacier calving sequence - 3

Marjorie Glacier detail

Mendenhal Glacier

Blue ice in Tracy Arm fjord

Plants in Tracy Arm fjord

Cliffs and waterfalls in Tracy Arm Fjord

Tracy Arm fjord ice detail

Cliffs and waterfalls in Tracy Arm Fjord

A waterfall in Tracy Arm Fjord