Lessons from a photogenic place (repost)

Good morning!  We were traveling last weekend and I started coming down with a cold on the flight back.  So I haven’t been out much since and I don’t have any new material for you.  Instead, I’ll repost this write-up from back in April, 2014 – it’s one of my favorites.  And it reminds me … Continue reading Lessons from a photogenic place (repost)

Topaz ReStyle Mini Review

Topaz released a new plug in recently, called ReStyle. You can download any of their products for a free thirty day trial, so I thought I’d give it a go. This isn’t a full review or tutorial (I haven’t used it long enough to do either of those). But I have used it a bit so I’ll try to introduce you to some possibilities with three examples I’ve played with. If you want to see the “before” versions of these, I’ve included them towards the end of the post.

St. Augustine, Florida and vicinity – photo hints

I spent the time in St. Augustine, Florida, which is “the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States”. I’ve written about it many times (see this link) and it’s one of my favorite places to photograph. Photo ops abound and include landscapes, architecture, street scenes, beaches, historic landmarks, wildlife, and much more. It’s hard to go anywhere in the area and not come back with a photo! Here are some of mine along with hints on how I made them.


Introduction Welcome to Central Florida Photo Ops – a great place to find out about photography in our area! I’m a photographer living in Central Florida. My main photography interests are nature / wildlife. I enjoy writing about places around here that I’ve visited and photographed. In addition to sharing my experiences, I try to make … Continue reading Contents