Kayaking at Haulover Canal

If you search the web for “Haulover Canal” you’ll get many hits on fishing and kayaking there. I haven’t tried the fishing, so I can’t really comment on that, but I see people (and dolphins!) fishing there all the time so it’s probably pretty good. I have kayaked there many times and it’s a wonderful place to paddle and to photograph too.

Black Point Wildlife Drive – 7/16/20

Here are a few photos from a short trip over to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last week.  I spent most of my time on Black Point Wildlife Drive.  This first one is a six frame, handheld, infrared,  black & white panorama looking along the road near the entrance just after dawn. What’s around the … Continue reading Black Point Wildlife Drive – 7/16/20

Back to nature

It seems like ages since I’ve been out amongst our natural Florida wonders.  So I was eager to visit Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last week for a look ’round.  I stopped first by the Indian River before dawn.  The geometry of the pier, bridge and sun rays teamed up to form nice leading lines … Continue reading Back to nature

Thoughts on Processing Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II High Resolution Photos

I’ve been using an Olympus E-M5 Mark II for several months and I’ve mentioned it once before (in this post about algorithmic and computational photography). I very much like the camera and the photos I’ve made with it.

Today I’d like to talk more about its high resolution mode capabilities and some things I’ve learned so far while working with it.

Topaz ReStyle Mini Review

Topaz released a new plug in recently, called ReStyle. You can download any of their products for a free thirty day trial, so I thought I’d give it a go. This isn’t a full review or tutorial (I haven’t used it long enough to do either of those). But I have used it a bit so I’ll try to introduce you to some possibilities with three examples I’ve played with. If you want to see the “before” versions of these, I’ve included them towards the end of the post.