Black Point Wildlife Drive Status

When I wrote last Sunday’s blog post, I wasn’t aware that Black Point Wildlife Drive would be closed  from Monday, Nov. 18 through Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019.  Also – BioLab remains closed until damage from hurricane Dorian is repaired. A little stormy If you’re planning a trip to MINWR, please check their website before you … Continue reading Black Point Wildlife Drive Status

Black Point Reconnaissance

Kevin M. invited me to go out photographing with him last weekend, but I begged off since Lynn and I had just returned from Pennsylvania and I was tired.  Instead we went out on Friday to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  Kevin K. was in town and he tagged along too.  It’s been over six … Continue reading Black Point Reconnaissance

Black Point Wildlife Drive – May 8, 2018

Kevin K. and I went over to Black Point Wildlife Drive last Tuesday.  The water levels were low and although we saw quite a few birds, many of them were far from the road and hard to photograph.  Here are some images from the trip that I like. Hunter’s Dance – A Reddish Egret stalks … Continue reading Black Point Wildlife Drive – May 8, 2018

Black Point Wildlife Drive – 1/6/17

I was planning to post more photos from our recent cruise this weekend. But after visiting Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last Friday with Kevin K. and Tom M. from the Photography Interest Group, I changed my mind. There’s a great deal of activity there and it’s well worth a blog post (and a visit!).

Return to Black Point

The last time we were at Black Point Wildlife drive was back in May ( when water levels were down and there were very few birds anywhere around. Yesterday, we made a return trip to see what the place is like after three months of almost daily rain in the Central Florida area. We arrived … Continue reading Return to Black Point