Venus and the Moon Over the Marsh

I stopped by the St. Johns river at the SR 50 boat ramp before sunrise recently. The sky was a bit plain, but there were a few clouds low on the horizon with some pre-sunrise color showing. And Venus was visible below and to the left of a waning crescent moon, which added some interest. I made a few photos hoping to capture what I was seeing.

Venus and the Moon over the MarshVenus and the Moon over the Marsh

This image is a four frame panorama that I stitched together in Photoshop. Separate exposures of the sky and foreground helped me record a wider field of view and control the enormous dynamic range of the light. I like the way it turned out. If you click on it, you’ll go to where you can see a larger version as well as zoom in.

The St. Johns is the longest river in Florida and there are a huge number of scenic photo ops along its 310 mile length. I’ve collected a few of my photos of it in various spots. You can view them in this album: And you can see some associated blog posts at this link:

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4 thoughts on “Venus and the Moon Over the Marsh

  1. Outstanding, Ed!

    The stitching really works well in maintaining the dynamic range. Simply lovely!

    Summer is sneaking in as regular thunder-bumpers are starting to appear on schedule and that wonderful humidity greets you as soon as you step outside!

    No matter, there are photographs waiting for us to capture!

    1. Thanks Wally. I started stitching frames a while ago and it’s become a habit.

      We’re have a good share of thunderstorms too. Yesterday we had some small hail and today there was a suspected tornado close by (Castleberry). It does seem like our summer weather pattern is here for sure.

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