Sunrise lost?

I might see one or two people fishing whenever I pull into Gator Creek Road in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge before dawn. It’s rare to see another photographer there for sunrise, although later in the day on Black Point Wildlife Drive there are often plenty of folks taking photos. On this morning someone else was already out there when I pulled into this spot. They had their camera / tripod set up over on the right (out of the frame in this image). I parked a bit away to give them some space and not interfere with their photography.

Mangroves at dawn Mangroves at dawn

As I set up and starting making images, they headed over with their tripod and camera. I didn’t pay a lot of attention, since I was busy trying to decide on compositions and wanted to capture the light on the clouds before it changed. I figured they just wanted to try a different viewpoint.

They stopped when they got to where I was and started talking about all sorts of things: music, musicians, photographing concerts, what camera I was using, where they lived, where they photographed, etc., etc. I was busy and concentrating on my photography, so a lot of my replies were monosyllabic. As time went on, I continued photographing and they continued talking. I hope I didn’t seem too rude. At one point I even mentioned how much I liked the cloud formations, but they never did make a photo.

There are all sorts of people, and we all have different priorities, but I still don’t understand. This person was motivated to get up very early, pack all their gear and head out for a morning of photography. But then didn’t make photos of a wonderful scene taking place all around us. Maybe they’d already got a lot of great photos before I arrived. But if it was me, I’d have kept shooting.

Anyway, here are some other photos I’ve made on Gator Creek Road:

Changing the subject: Go take a look at Wally Jones’s blog post about this year’s sunflowers at Marl Bed Flats. He was out there on October 12th and got some really nice photos!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Please take care of yourselves and each other. And if you’re already out there, please go ahead and make some photos!

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4 thoughts on “Sunrise lost?

  1. After reviewing your Gator Creek album on Flickr, I just told Gini we are going to the east coast SOON!! Simply outstanding collection, Ed. I could smell that salt air and feel the fresh morning breeze …..

    The sunrise photographs you included in the post are awesome! How clever of you to order up those very special clouds. I get only clear skies, which I love, but a few of your clouds would be nice once in awhile. Timing is everything.

    As to that other photographer you encountered. They most likely recognized you and were so enthralled to be in the presence of greatness they totally forgot about taking pictures and just wanted to tell their friends about the great conversation they had with a celebrity!

    (Thanks very much for the shout out to our sunflower bouquet.)

    1. Thanks Wally! I usually check the weather forecast and have occasionally postponed an outing if the cloud cover prediction doesn’t look good (too clear or too cloudy). Although I usually go anyway because the predictions aren’t always accurate.

      As to your comment about the other photographer, I very much doubt your theory, especially the part about being a celebrity. But it made me blush a little bit anyway.

  2. Looks like a wowza sunrise! I can not imagine why they would be bothering you at time you were obviously trying to concentrate snd enjoy the beauty. Makes me wonder about them. Do you still have your wallet?
    You were a good sport.

    1. Thanks Dorothy – it was an awesome sunrise. And thanks for your comment about the other photographer. I think they were just gregarious. But I checked and I do still have my wallet. And I had a very good laugh reading your question!

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