Caribbean Voyage

Lynn and I returned a week ago from a Caribbean cruise on the Holland America MS Oosterdam where we met up with her brother Art and his wife Michele.  Since we’ve been back we’ve had Mike, Sara, Calvin, and Avon in town for the holidays (and MaryKate – yay family!!!).  Anyway, I don’t have a lot of spare time for writing this week, so  I think you’ll just have to make do with some photos and captions from our cruise.  I hope you enjoy them!

Inviting!Inviting!  – This scene is from the beach on Half Moon Cay (Holland America’s private island).  Lynn and I both enjoyed the sun, some swimming and conversations with Art and Michelle.

Make it a double...Make it a double.  – There were other things to do on the island too!

Clouds over CubaClouds over Cuba – We haven’t ever been to Cuba and this is as close as we got on this cruise.  This photo is from six miles east of the Punta Maisi Lighthouse.  I wish it had been clearer and closer!

Clouds in the valleyClouds in the valley – I spotted this low cloud bank as we arrived in Montego Bay Jamaica and rushed to make several images.

Masked Booby in flightMasked Booby in flight – Different people on (and off) the ship saw a variety of wildlife.  I enjoyed photographing the Masked and Brown Boobies that followed us for a while.

Approachig the Cayman IslandsApproaching the Cayman Islands – We were scheduled to stop in Grand Cayman, but the seas were too rough for the tenders to operate.  The captain ended up skipping that port call and moving on early to the next one.

Cozumel at nightCozumel at night. – I had hoped to get many more images in Cozumel, but the photography tour we’d signed up for was canceled (due to lack of interest!).   I like this photo of the city after dark.

It was an enjoyable, relaxing trip.  You can see a few more photos in this album on Flikr.  And you can read other cruising blog posts at this link.

We’re having a wonderful time with family visits for the holidays – I hope you are too!.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Remember to make some family portraits while you have a chance!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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4 thoughts on “Caribbean Voyage

  1. We rented a Jeep to go around the island in Cozumel. Snorkeling at Playa Palancar was excellent. The reef was very healthy and the water was very clear. Cruises with their short day visits are not for me. I always want to see more. Peace and good health for your gang this coming year.

    1. Hello Ed,

      Renting a jeep sounds like a great idea. Our excursion was cancelled at the last minute and we didn’t have time to set up an alternative.

      I agree with you about the short day stays on cruises. They’re good for an initial scout of the area but to really see a place, a longer stay is needed.

      I hope you an yours have a great holiday season and wonderful new year too


  2. Wonderful pictures. And those blue waters look so inviting. It makes me sad that the photography tour you signed up for was canceled due to lack of interest.

    1. I was a little bummed out that they cancelled the photo tour too. I wonder if the lack of interest is a trend for cruise line passengers or reflects on the general population too?

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