James Taylor at the Amway

Lynn and I went to see James Taylor last Tuesday.  He played at the arena downtown and the place was packed.  I guess there’s still a lot of us old timers that like his music (and can still hear).  He played a lot of his hits and a few newer songs too.

James Taylor and his All Star Band
James Taylor and his All Star Band – In concert at the Amway in Orlando, Florida. November 18th, 2014.  (ISO 800, f2.8 @ 1/80 sec., 70mm eq.)

Like any large sports type arena, the acoustics and sound mix weren’t the best, and the prices for this type of entertainment (along with parking and popcorn) are very high.  But it was a very good show and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Photographically, this is a very tough assignment.  Unless you have a stage or press pass, your camera gear and access will be limited.  For these events, the Amway has a very restrictive camera policy:  Your camera has to “fit in your pocket”.  Even though we had good seats, we were still pretty far from the stage.  My Sony point-and-shoot camera does fit in my pocket and I thought the photo above was worth keeping.  But I still wish the lens was longer than 24-70mm equivalent.

Back when I was in the Navy, I had to go to sea for months at a time and leave Lynn behind in Charleston, South Carolina. We missed each other terribly.  One of my favorite songs from then was James Taylor’s  “Carolina in my mind”. It was wonderful to hear him play it live – with Lynn in the seat right beside me.

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4 thoughts on “James Taylor at the Amway

  1. I’m very jealous! Lucky you two! I suppose to hear these old songs perfectly performed, with ideal acoustics, one puts on the CD, BUT, to let the fellow know how much he meant all those years ago, you do need to cram into a stadium with thousands of others, several decades on, and pay a fortune for the privilege!

  2. Awww…That was a very sweet blog. How nice for your and your wife to enjoy the concert together after years of loving James Taylor`s music. I have to say this, “Our” music from the 60`s and 70`s is better that todays music, I think..:)

    Your picture turned out very well. Which proves the point that good photographers can take good images no matter what camera they use…..Those point and shoot cameras are pretty nifty at times.

    1. Thanks Dorothy. There are some point and shoot cameras that are very capable. Still, I wish could have used a D800 and 70-200 f/2.8. 🙂

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