Mute Swan nest

There have been several reports online recently about a pair of Mute Swans nesting in Viera.  I first found out from my online friend Jim Boland’s (recent blog post sorry, no longer available).  I had a little free time yesterday and decided to check on them.

Mute Swans (nesting pair)
Mute Swans (nesting pair)

They aren’t native to North America or common in Florida.  These two are doing well and have lots of fans.  They’re actually in a retention pond on the side of a busy road.  At least 20 people stopped by during the few minutes I was there.  Mom spent most of her time on the nest and occasionally tended the eggs.  Dad patrolled the area and kept other birds away.  They can be aggressive, but these are used to people and ignored us.

Mute Swan
Mute Swan and reflection

I didn’t see any sign of cygnets yet, but I’m guessing they’ll hatch soon.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back over and see them.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Now – go make some photos!

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13 thoughts on “Mute Swan nest

    1. Jim,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and thanks for the sighting report on your blog!

      I’m also going to try and get back to see the little ones.


  1. Great shots! And an almost English scene (save for the ficus!) Over here, cygnets get picked off by allsorts – crows, heron, pike, foxes – so it’ll be interesting to hear how many youngsters your pair manage to raise – if you don’t mind keeping us posted?!

    1. Thanks, Rhona. I should be able to provide updates. Even if I miss seeing them, there are many other folks making photos there.

  2. Stopped by last Friday @ 11:30am and the cygnets began pipping! Stayed until 3:30pm, two hatched, possibly a third working at it but I had to leave. Those of us there witnessed a battle between Papa Swan and a Moscovi duck (persistent duck trying to get into water, male swan lost a large wad of feathers as the duck grabbed his rear; payback for earlier when the swan grabbed the duck by the neck, hanging on for a good few seconds. It took a neighbor to come to the rescue with a long-poled pool net to chase away the Moscovi. The photographers present probably got some great pictures of the battle, would be great if they’d share!

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