The River

The river carries us serenely through a forest on a continuous mirror, showing us symmetries and compositions created out of chaos in scenes invisible from the shore. And us? We delight and choose which moments to save.

The River
Wekiva River (click to see a larger version)

Thanks for looking. Now – go save some moments!

©2013, Ed Rosack. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “The River

    1. Thanks, Rhona. It was blissful. This place is very close to Orlando and so is busy on weekends, but last Thursday I had it mostly to myself. At times, all I could hear was the birds and the water.

  1. I haven’t been near that particular river in 45 years or so, but you certainly captured it today the way my mind tells me it was then! BZ!

    1. Hey Sully! I didn’t see it 45 years ago, but I think it’s been pretty well protected. I see some concerns online about the Florida aquifer being depleted and reducing flow from the springs, but it doesn’t seem to have affected Wekiva yet.

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